Our privacy policy is very simple. In fact, it is what we would like to see if we were the users of Rolescape ... because we are users of Rolescape!

The only browser cookie we use is for authentication to this website. It does not contain anything else other than your current session verification. There are no tracking, advertising, or 3rd-party cookies on Rolescape, and there never will be.

All content is served directly from our servers, with the exception of payment processing which goes through stripe.com. Otherwise, we do not use any 3rd-party hosting for fonts, CSS, javascript, etc. This means nobody else sees your access to Rolescape except for Rolescape.

All communication is secured using TLS encryption, and we utilize industry best-practices to secure your data on our servers. We do not store any passwords or payment information on our systems. The most confidential data we record is your email address.

We do not share any of your data or data about you with third-parties, unless absolutely required by law. Rolescape is under the legal jurisdiction of the country of Switzerland, which has an excellent history of personal rights and privacy.

If you ever wish to have all data related to you removed from our systems, you can do so in the User Settings.

If we ever change these terms, we will notify you well in advance via the email address your have registered with us and also show a notification to you the next time you log in. We don't plan on making any changes, though. We're quite happy with how things are.

We wish you the best of times playing your favorite games!

The Rolescape Team